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Money heist : Korea – Joint Economic Area

Your name is Jake. You’re a private investigator. You’re in Seoul, South Korea. You need to find the money that was stolen from your client—and fast.
Netflix is investing billions of dollars in original content, and you probably watched some of it during the streaming giant’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony this past Sunday. But did you know that Netflix is also producing original content in other countries around the world? One of those countries is South Korea, which has produced a number of hit television shows and webseries over the years. One of the most popular shows to come out of South Korea is money heist, which follows a group of friends who attempt to pull off a big heist in order to save their failing business.

The Korean Netflix hit drama Money Heist follows the exploits of a team of criminals who specialize in stringing along their victims, stealing their money, and escaping with all of their lives. The first season of the series, which is based on the real-life heist of a Colombia-based bank in 2016, revolves around a group of criminals known as the Bla-Bla as they plan their biggest heist yet: a robbery of the country’s largest bank. But, as the Bla-Bla soon learn, pulling off the most ambitious heist of their lives is easier said than done. The first season of Money Heist is an excellent introduction for viewers who are unfamiliar with the world of crime in South Korea, but it
An unknown criminal organization has robbed more than $2 billion from the country’s biggest banks and financial institutions. They have stolen more money than any other criminal organization in modern history. And they are still at it.

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Trailer :

The question is: Who are they and where did they get all the money?

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To properly answer this question, it is important to understand that the conspiracy behind the biggest heist in South Korean history is tied into a decades-long series of financial scams, which have made many people extremely wealthy, and not just the ones that pulled off the heist. The people who have participated in the scheme have used it to build an enormous fortune while cheating investors, banks, and regulators of their money, which they then laundered through a series of offshore accounts.

The Korean Netflix hit drama Money Heist revolves around a team of criminals who specialize in stringing along their victims, stealing their money, and escaping with all of their lives. The first season of the series, which is based on the real-life heist of a Colombia-based bank in 2016, revolves around a group of criminals known as the Bla-Bla as they plan their biggest heist yet: a robbery of the country’s largest bank.

All seasons of money heist : season 1 , season 2, season 3 –

Season 1: Parts 1 and 2 (2017) :

part 1 starts with the aftermath of a failed bank theft by a female using the alias “Tokyo” as a person referred to as the “Professor” saves her from being caught by using the police. He proposes to include her in a heist of large proportions. After a quick outline of the plan, the story jumps to the beginning of a multi-day attack at the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. The eight robbers are code-named for cities: Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo. dressed in red jumpsuits and mask depicting artist Salvador Dalí, the robbers take 67 hostages as a part of their plan to print and break out with €2.four billion through a self-constructed escape tunnel. The Professor heads the heist from an external region. Flashbacks at some stage in the series display the 5 months of preparation at an deserted hunting property within the Toledo geographical region; the robbers aren’t to proportion personal information nor interact in private relationships, and are warned that there can be casualties.
at some point of parts 1 and a couple of, the robbers in the Mint have difficulties sticking to their roles and face uncooperative hostages, violence, isolation, and mutiny. Tokyo narrates occasions via voice-overs. even as Denver pursues a love affair with hostage Mónica Gaztambide, inspector Raquel Murillo of the country wide Police Corps negotiates with the Professor on the outdoor and begins an intimate dating with his alter ego “Salva.” The Professor’s identification is time and again near being uncovered and Raquel finally realizes Salva is the Professor, but she is emotionally unable at hand him over to the police. on the end of part 2, after 128 hours, the robbers get away from the Mint with €984 million, however Oslo, Moscow and Berlin are killed. three hundred and sixty five days after the heist, Raquel unearths a chain of postcards left by using the Professor, who wrote the coordinates for a location in Palawan in the Philippines, where she reunites with him.

Season 2: Parts 3 and 4 (2019–2020) :

part three begins two to 3 years after the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain, displaying the robbers playing their lives paired-up in various locationshoweverwhilst Europol captures Rio with an intercepted telephone, the Professor selections up Berlin’s vintage plans to assault the bank of Spain to force Europol handy over Rio to prevent his torture. He and Raquel (going by “Lisbon”) get the gangtogether with Mónica (going by means of “Stockholm”), back together, and enlist 3 new participants: Palermo, Bogotá and Marseille, with Palermo in fee. Flashbacks to the Professor and Berlin define the planned new heist and their exclusive procedures to love.
The disguised robbers sneak into the heavily guarded bank, take hostages and ultimately gain get right of entry to to the gold and country secrets and techniquesat the identical time, the Professor and Lisbon travel in an RV after which an ambulance at the same time as communicating with the robbers and the police. The robbers thwart a police breach of the bank, forcing the police, led through Colonel Luis Tamayo and pregnant inspector Alicia Sierra, to launch Rio to the robbers. Nairobi is injured by a police sniper’s shot to the chest. With every other police assault at the bank coming, and believing Lisbon has been done with the aid of the police, the Professor radios Palermo and announces DEFCON 2. The robbers respond through firing a rocket on the armored police vehicle this is advancing at the bank, turning the robbers from folks heroes to killers within the eyes of the publiccomponent 3 concludes by means of displaying Lisbon alive and in custody, and Tokyo narrating that the Professor had fallen for a entice. She concludes that due to the Professor’s miscalculation, “the struggle had started.
Part four begins with the robbers rushing to shop Nairobi’s lifestyleseven as Tokyo degrees a coup d’état and takes over command from Palermo, the Professor and Marseille deduce that Lisbon have to still be alive and being interrogated by means of Sierra within the police command submit tent out of doors the financial institution. They convince Tamayo’s assistant, Antoñanzas, to assist them so the Professor can set up a 48-hour truce with the police. as the group manages to shop Nairobi’s existence, the restrained Palermo tries to reassert command by means of colluding with Gandía, the limited chief of protection for the financial institution of Spain. Gandía escapes, starts offevolved communications with the police from within a panic room inside the financial institution, and participates in a violent cat-and-mouse recreation with the crowd. Palermo reverses path, regains the accept as true with of the group, and rejoins them.
Gandía shoots Nairobi in the head, killing her immediatelybut the gang later recapture him. as the police put together another assault on the financial institution, the Professor exposes to the public the unlawful torture of Rio and Lisbon’s detention and interrogation. Sierra is fired and begins pursuing the Professor on her personal. The Professor enlists external assist to loose Lisbon after she is transferred from the command put up tent to the ideal court constructingcomponent 4 concludes with Lisbon rejoining the gang inside the bank, and with Sierra locating the Professor’s hideout, then preserving him at gunpoint.

Season 3: Part 5 Volumes 1 and 2 (2021) :

part 5 volume 1 begins with Sierra finding the Professor and knocking him out, then tying him up and interrogating him. After Lisbon enters the bankthe crowd prepares for an attack by way of troops of the Spanish militarythe crowd captures Gandia, then frees him as opposed to killing him. Gandia desires to specific revenge on the crowd, so Tamayo has him be a part of the assault through the squaddies. After finding out the Professor has been stuck but that Sierra has now not notified the police, Lisbon tells the crowd they’ll no longer give up. Benjamin and Marseille locate the Professor, and Sierra knocks them out and ties them up. whilst Sierra struggles to deliver her toddler, she frees the Professor, Marseille, and Benjamin so as to help. Sierra offers beginning to a daughter, whom she names Victoria. Arturo Roman, a hostage in both the Royal Mint and the financial institution of Spain, had an affair with Stockholm before the first heist, and Arturo’s reminders anger Denver. when Arturo, the governor of the bank, and other hostages start a rebellion, Stockholm shoots Arturo, who is released so he can get hold of medical care. In a flashback, Berlin convinces his son Rafael to help him thieve 12 kilograms of gold with Tatiana, Bogota, and Marseille. inside the giftthe gang starts offevolved fighting the squaddies, with Helsinki maintaining a extreme injury. Stockholm feels guilt over taking pictures Arturo, who is her son’s birth father, and takes morphine even as nursing Helsinki, which leaves her not able to aid within the gang’s defense in opposition to the attacking squaddiespart five volume 1 concludes with Tokyo sacrificing herself to defeat Gandia and the infantrymen.
In part 5 extent 2, Sierra runs away and the Professor and Marseille chase after her. initially enemies, the Professor and Sierra soon end up allies as they face their common enemy – the police. when they go lower back to the stormwater tank, they see the gold has already been brought to them by the grouphowever, the police locate the stormwater tank and arrests the Professor, Sierra, Benjamin and Marseille. They get awaybut discover the gold lackingit’s far revealed that the gold is stolen by using Rafael and Tatiana because she broke up with Berlin inside the past to be with Rafael. in the gift, Tatiana and Rafael bury the gold. Palermo and the Professor discover that it’s far their doing, but at this time, the army captured the group. The Professor gives Sierra a observe for Rafael, and convinces her to discover the gold as this is their best desire whilst he drives to the bankwhile he enters the bank, Tamayo taunts him and interrogates every gang member one after the other. Denver is going first, but does not screen anything and is escorted to the police tent. the crowd exhibits to the public the gold has already been removed from the bankmain to public panic and a cheap meltdown, setting Spain in risk of bankruptcy. Sierra is able to discover the stolen gold. outside the financial institution, the gold has arrived in truckshowever the Professor says it’s miles gold-covered brass. the group contributors are killed on Tamayo’s orders, stunning Denver within the tent. they are taken out of the bank in body bags, and it’s far revealed they may be alive as the Professor satisfied Tamayo to forestall the chase; the return of the “gold” has stabilized the us of a‘s financial system. 24 hours after the heist, the group reunite at an air base. all of us gets new passports as Rafael and Tatiana return the gold to the group with a promise that they will receive a percentagethe group leaves the air base, having effectively robbed the financial institution of Spain.

Famous title song ‘ Bella Ciao’ :

“Bella ciao” (Italian pronunciation: “good-bye stunning“) is an Italian protest folks music from the past due 19th century, firstly sung through the mondina people in protest towards the tough working conditions in the paddy fields of northern Italy.

It’s far generally general that the music became modified and followed as an anthem of the Italian resistance motion through the partisans who adverse nazi-fascism among 1943 and 1945 all through their combat against the occupying forces of Nazi Germany allied to the fascist and collaborationist Italian Social Republic, despite the fact that some historians argue that there’s little to no proof that this track became honestly sung with the aid of Italian partisans.

Versions of “Bella ciao” remain sung global as an anti-fascist hymn of freedom and resistance.


Money heist web series download :

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