Alternative dispute resolution |Advantages of ADR | Disadvantages of ADR

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) – ADR refers to the different methods human beings can solve disputes without a tribulation. not unusual ADR techniques consist of mediation, arbitration, and impartial evaluation. those processes are generally private, much less formal, and less demanding than traditional courtroom complaints.   Advantages of ADR Alternative opportunity dispute resolution (ADR) approaches have numerous advantages: • Reduced time in dispute- It takes less time to reach a final decision. • Decreased fees in relating to the dispute decision– It requires less money i.e. it is cheap. • Flexibility- parties have more flexibility in deciding on what policies might be carried out to the dispute. They … Read more

Necessary for claimimg Pre-emption

Procedure for pre-emption or Necessary formalities of pre-emption or Demands for pre-emption : Existence of right of pre-emption depends upon full and complete observance of formalities, because it is a feeble right and as such full steps at the proper time, and conforms strictly to the necessary formalities. of technicalities. No person is entitled to … Read more

Maintenance of a Divorced Woman

Maintenance of a Divorced Woman under Section 125, Cr.P.C. : Under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, the term, ‘wife’ includes a divorced wife or a wife who has obtained a divorce from her husband and has not remarried. Underneath the Muslim regulation, the husband is at risk of hold his divorced wife until the length of iddat best and his legal responsibility to preserve the divorced spouse terminates after this period. … Read more

Muslim Marriage Law

Objects of wedding : A Muslim wedding could be a civil contract that have the subsequent objects: i) Promotion of a traditional family life ii) Legalising sexual issues iii) sex activity of legitimate youngsters and increase in family iv) The ordering of domestic and social life and also the protection of society v) The upbringing … Read more

Development of Muslim Law

Development of Muslim Law : The process of the development of Muslim Law may be divided into five periods and may be discussed under the following period-wise heads – (1) The period of Quranic precepts – This period ranges from 1 to 10 A.H. (i. e., after Hijra or between 622-632 A.D.). From the time … Read more

Indian Muslim Law

Who is a Muslim? According to Aghnides a one, who believes in the mission of Mohammad as Prophet, or (ii) one, who says that there is one God and that Mohammad is “His Prophet”, or (iii)one who believes in a number of other essential beliefs in God and Mohammad. Amir Ali says “……Any person who … Read more