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JAMES – Puneeth Rajkumar, last movie of Puneeth Rajkumar, south movie hindi dubbed :

Puneeth Rajkumar, one of the most popular star face in Kannada cinema as well as Indian cinema was a fabulous kind hearted person.He had recently died due to heart attack only at the age of 46, a great loss in Indian cinema. He was popularly known as the ‘sandalwood king’ and ‘Appu’.

He was a child artist in many cinema in his childhood. Puneeth Rajkumar had won best child artist award in National film fare award. He was one of the son of Dr. Rajkumar

(father) and Parvathamma Rajkumar (mother)


Casting :

Priya Anand signed for the female lead role in this last movie of Puneeth Rajkumar. In this movie , we will see many stars like Srikanth, Hareesh Peradi, Mukesh Rishi and Anu Prabhakar and many more would be seen in prominent roles. In 2021, R. Sarathkumar,Tilak Shekar, Shine Shetty, Chikkanna joined the film’s cast. And in a guest appearance we will see Shiva Rajkumar. 

plot :

The crime syndicate which is operating in Bangalore is divided into three groups (three brothers are divided into three groups. Golden Horse syndicate of Joseph Anthony and he is operating from Miami. Scorpion syndicate owned by Rathanlal which is operating from West Bengal . And Gayakwad Syndicate owned by Jayadev Gayakwad and his son Vijay Gayakwad who are operating in Bangalore.

Vijay Gayakwad got into a life threatening situation when his dad Jayadev Gayakwad is murdered by unknown killer. After realizing that his family is also in danger, he appoints Santhosh Kumar,as his bodyguard who is the head in J-Wings security agency. Due to his skills and tactics in solving his assignments, Santhosh helps Vijay in his business dealings, while also having Rathanlal killed, when he tries to attack the Gayakwad Syndicate. He  protects Vijay’s family from all sort of dangers. Vijay then requests Santhosh to protect his sister Nisha Gayakwad. Nisha returned to India after completing her medical studies from Singapore. After an attack, Santhosh and Nisha escape to a village in Madikeri. Nisha falls in love with Santhosh. She requests her brother to accept them. Vijay happily accepts.

At a party where Vijay announces that he wants to handover his business dealings to Nisha. He also introduces Santhosh to everyone. At this point of time, Santhosh asks Vijay whether he fears anything in his life, and start a shootout where he kills his other bodyguards and tells that he was the one who had Jayadev assassinated so that Vijay could hire him. Same time, Joseph’s hitmen get into the party and are shocked to find Santhosh, who they recognize as JAMES. One of them informs this to Joseph, before getting beheaded . Santhosh kidnaps Vijay and Vijay’s sister Nisha and brings them to the security agency’s room. Then Nisha insults Santhosh, Santhosh’s colleague. Then Pirangi reveals Santhosh’s past to Nisha.

Santhosh was an Indian Army Major in Kashmir, appointed for special types of operations. In a holiday break he arrived to Pondicherry with his friend and colleague Rakesh Kumar Pirangi for his IAS officer friend’s wedding. In another flashback, it reveals that Jagan, Amar, Madan, Ekanth and Santhosh (JAMES) were friends from their childhood at an orphanage and were working in various Government departments in later stages of their life.

Before the wedding, Jagan reveals to Santhosh that when he took charge as ATS officer, he had arrested John, Robin and Peter for drugs and arms smuggling led by the Golden Horse Syndicate. Santhosh also reveals that Golden Horse was also involved in Kashmir when they were in a mission to rescue their colonel. It is revealed that John, Peter, and Robin were actually Joseph’s brothers and linked with Gayakwad Syndicate for the operation. During Ekanth’s wedding in Pondicherry, Joseph’s brothers forcefully enter in and kill everyone present at the wedding. Santhosh survives for Pirangi’s help, leaves for Miami as JAMES.

Santhosh aka JAMES drags Robin from his birthday party and kills him brutally. Later, he tracks Peter at his Miami island where he decapitates him and lures John into his drug lab and brutally finishes him. Then he returns to India by faking his death. Then he is detained by his higher officer where Santhosh seeks his higher official’s approval to destroy the drug syndicates, to which they agree and their secret mission – ‘MISSION NORC’ is launched. When he arrives at Bangalore and started planning to bring down the syndicate with the help of his squad officers by opening J-Wings agency. No more spoiler. This movie is full of entertainment and a blockbuster.

Download :

You will find this movie after few days in youtube in both of the language. You can watch this movie now if you have sony liv subscription.To watch this movie online or to download on your smartphone you have to download the pikasow app. The link is provided below –


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