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Yuliya Gerasymova (Юлия Герасимова)

Yuliya Gerasymova (Yuliya Gerasymova) is a Ukrainian volleyball player who has become an internet sensation recently. Her charming video that went viral now where she danced and tried to fool the fans during a break between the Russia vs. Ukraine match. The video shows Uliya with other Ukrainian club volleyball players during a Champions League match as she ‘challenged’ her rivals to a dance battle. Yuliia Herasymova danced with her  team members during a Volleyball Champions League match against Polish volleyball team. In the video, Yulia is wearing jersey number 9, and other fellow teammates laugh out loud at her cute and eye- catching dances.

The reason that she is trending is for her charismatic and energetic personality which has charmed millions of hearts across the world. The video has received at least 7 million views on a YouTube channel with millions more views combined on TikTok and other videos.

However, the reason behind ths dance is not clear. But she will be remembered for this dance for a long time. It got viral on TikTok. In just few days, the video got more than 30 million views. We can’t deny that Yulia became viral in just one day for herself. After watching the video, you might not be able to control your laughter and joy. Together with her lovely presentation, she is looking amusing and fascinating.

Yulia has won the National Championship for five times. She also participated in the semi-finals of the continental Problem Cup in 2014/15. Yulia is now employed at TED Ankara College Foundation Private High School.

Yuliya Gerasymova Biography:

Yuliya Anatolyevna Gerasimova ( DOB – September 15, 1989, Odessa, Ukrainian SSR, USSR) is a Ukrainian volleyball player.She play as a central blocker (National team player) and participated in three European championships.

Pupil of the Odessa Children’s and Youth Sports School No. 8 (first coach – Irina Ischuk). As part of Yuzhnensky Khimik, she won the national championship five times. She also played in the semifinals of the continental Challenge Cup (2014/15). After one season, she performs in Turkish clubs also.

In December, 2021, she had signed a contract with Prometheus from the Dnipropetrovsk region. She took her debut in the club in December in the match of the championship of Ukraine against the Dnipro.

The national team became the winner of the Euroleague 2017 and she was the part of the team. She participated in three European championships.

She and her teammates from the national team won the 2017 Euroleague 2017. They also took part at three European Championships which were in 2017, 2019 and 2021.

She travels a lot  in her free time. Uliya has visited many places like France, Cappadocia and Indonesia, as seen on her Instagram page.

Ukrainian women impress fans not only with their perfect game, but also with their inner and outer beauty. Central blocker of Ukraine Yuliya Gerasimova represents Turkish Karayollari from Ankara. The 33- year- old from Odessa does not pay much attention to her social networks, posting mostly photos from matches, but deep down … we know the smile of this slender brunette is simply enchanting with its charm and sincerity and already stole our heart.

Yuliya Gerasimova Instagram Details:

She is active on Instagram with the username @krosha9. The link is provided below.She has 138k followers and 589 posts. There is no specific and authentic information if the account is maintained by her or it is a fake profile.

She shares photos from both her personal and professional life on her Instagram. From her Insta, it seems that she enjoys visiting new places.

As a TikTok star and player, she has had a greater influence among her audience.


Yuliya Gerasimova Husband: Is She Married?

Yuliya is married to Denis Parvadov, her boyfriend. Since 2014, they have known each other. They arranged their wedding ceremony in the Religious process.

Denis Parvadov is a coach. Yuliya has a lot of photos of herself and her husband on her Instagram. They both are enjoying their life in different way.

Yuliya Gerasimova Quick Facts:

  • A 32-year-old volleyball player originally from Odessa.
  • Yuliya Gerasymova is a professional volleyball star who plays for the Ukraine National team for a long time. The athlete was born in September, 1989 in Odessa and her sports journey began when she was a school kid.
  • Gerasimova plays as a middle blocker.
  • She won the national championship five times and played in the semi-finals of the continental Challenge Cup (2014/15). After completing one season in the Zaporozhye Orbit, she played in Turkish clubs.
  • In 2021, she joined Prometheus in Dnepropetrovsk.
  • As part of the national team, she became the winner of the Euro league 2017. Yuliya Gerasymova participated in three European Championships.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “Outstanding beauty and skill,” that was commented by one YouTube viewer, while someone said on Instagram: “Your smile and outgoing personality have brought you to the stage of whole world attention! Best of luck as you move forward in your next adventure!”


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