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Australian Grand Prix 2024 – F1 Race

Formula 1, often abbreviated as F1, is the highest class of single-seater automobile racing sanctioned by means of the Fédération Internationale de l’automobile (FIA), the global governing frame for motorsport. Formula 1 races are acknowledged for featuring the world‘s maximum skilled drivers competing in technologically advancedhighoverall performance motors.

What is Formula 1?

Motorsport championship held worldwideFormula 1 is a kind teams compete in a series of Grand Prix races, held in exclusive countries round the worldsome of the most famous races are held in Monaco, Singapore, Italy and Britain.

Melbourne Grand Prix 2024 F1: Dates, schedule

Albert Park (Australia) will host the F1 Australian Grand Prix from March 21-24. It will take place over a standard race weekend format, with qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday.

According to Indian time (IST)


What’s the racing circuit like?

Although Albert Park is a temporary facility, it can be fairly uneven. However, resurfacing in 2022 will undoubtedly improve things, and the track is frequently slick at the beginning of the weekend before getting rubbered in as the sessions go on. Additionally, the circuit necessitates a well-organized chassis because there are multiple places on the track where drivers need a reactive front end in order to manoeuvre the vehicle into a corner. One of the fastest courses on the schedule is Melbourne, where Lewis Hamilton established the 2019 pole lap record with an average speed of more than 235 km/h.

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Story of the track :

The deal to host formula 1 in Melbourne became performed in 1993, with the decision taken to create a circuit the usage of a combination of the existing roads across the town’s Albert Park – specifically Aughtie power and Lakeside pressure in case you fancy riding it your self – with a bit detour via the Lakeside Stadium’s vehicle park.

First Grand Prix on the track:

Just 4 months after Adelaide held its last Australian Grand Prix on the cease of 1995, the formulation 1 teams were lower back in Australia for Melbourne’s first Grand Prix at the begin of 1996. That race is most usually remembered for Martin Brundle’s infamous Jordan crash at flip 3 after he released himself off the back of Johnny Herbert’s Sauber.

Why go?

Regularly located on lists of the sector’s quality cities, Melbourne is a blast all yr round – and it best gets higher when method 1 rolls into city. There are bars and eating places aplenty, you’re right via the seasidewhile the race’s appearance on the start of Australia’s autumn approach the temperatures should be peachy.

Where is the best place to watch?

If you want to get in a grandstand, choose either the Waite stand overlooking flip 10, or the Brabham Grandstand at the out of doors of flip 2 to look at cars jostling for function through the primary chicane. alternatively, there are a few satisfactory trendy admission spots on the far aspect of the lake – cross for either between Turns 89 or nine-10 if you fancy some F1 picnic feels.

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